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Bouncing eggs - raw egg, white vinegar and 36 hours to discover the shell has dissolved but the egg has surprising bounce.

Step 1 - empty out the vinegar
Step 1 - empty out the vinegar
Step 2 - carefully test bounce
Step 3 - have another go
Step 3 - see how far you can throw the egg
Step 4 - note the limit of the bounce...

Tie-dye - making the most of the outside workspace to brandish pipettes for precision dyeing. Results to follow...

The opportunity for independent project work has brought in animation and engineering - test, review and improve are all part of the fun.

Investigations - exploding sandwich bags and floating eggs

Pointillism - using Seurat's pioneering style to paint a subject of your choice

Total concentration when making friendship bands, with fabulous results.

One of our regular visits from story teller Sally Tonge