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Mixtures, solutions, soluble and insoluble, reversible and irreversible change - collaborative work in the Special Effects Department - what's the best recipe for perfect fake blood and what would we change in the future?

Roman Numeral review in Forest School on the perfect date for stick numerals

A moment to spare...

One eruption of many...

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Every volcano is unique

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Making re-usable modroc volcanoes incorporating art (sculpture), physical geography, DT, chemistry (states of matter and irreversible / reversible change), and maths (measuring).

Making Roman roads

A peek into the average school day

Sculpture is the focus in art at the moment. Making Guatemalan Worry Dolls from sticks in Forest School was the first step...

Then taking inspiration from Giacometti. First drawing stick figures before selecting, then perfecting, a pose for the final work.

First week back - getting back into the swing of things with friends

Bouncing eggs - raw egg, white vinegar and 36 hours to discover the shell has dissolved but the egg has surprising bounce.

Tie-dye - making the most of the outside workspace to brandish pipettes for precision dyeing. Results to follow...

The opportunity for independent project work has brought in animation and engineering - test, review and improve are all part of the fun.

Investigations - exploding sandwich bags and floating eggs

Pointillism - using Seurat's pioneering style to paint a subject of your choice

Total concentration when making friendship bands, with fabulous results.

Explore and discover great resources, ideas and support using these links - good for homework, nurturing free-range curiosity and back-up when baffled.

One of our regular visits from story teller Sally Tonge