Wider Opportunities

Wider Opportunities on Friday Afternoons

 As a school we are always looking for ways to enrich the curriculum. Our strong partnership with the local community means that we are fortunate in being able to call upon local expertise to help us to provide wider opportunities for the children.

With help from local experts, Friday afternoons are organised so that the children benefit from an exciting rota of worthwhile activities. Initially supported by a grant from the AONB, the Friday afternoon opportunities have gone from strength to strength. ‘Living and Learning Locally’ is a theme embraced by the whole school community.

Design Technology 

Solar Power

Science Investigations

Gardening and Sustainability

Led by Miss Sam Carter and supported by local expertise, the children tend the school vegetable garden, and cook with the produce they grow.

Recent successful harvests have also enabled the children to sell produce at local events such as the annual Farmers’ Market.

The children work towards the Royal Horticultural gardening awards and recently gained Level 4. In addition they have been awarded with Blue Peter Badges. In the summer we enter the Shrewsbury Flower show. In 2015 we gained first place for our outdoor garden design. In 2016 Chloe was awarded Gold for her large garden design and the school ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ garden won the smaller garden design competition.

We all know that it is important for children to learn a wide set of life skills and develop responsible attitudes to 21st century living. Through these activities and their Forest School work, children learning about sustainability and how to live and work in the outdoors.



Our 2017 Shrewsbury Flower Show garden

Our 2016 Shrewsbury Flower Show gardens






Below: some of the herb photographs taken by the children. The photographs are to be entered into the Royal Horticultural Society’s herb growing award.








Making beetroot and onion mash

Making beetroot and onion hash

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A fantastic crop of parsnips was harvested by gardening group, ready to add to this term's stew.

A fantastic crop of parsnips was harvested by gardening group, ready to add to this term’s stew.

Cookery, Design and Technology

Lead by Miss Mairi Dugdale, children learn to apply their reading, writing and mathematical skills in practical ways and end up with something to eat too!

Children spend alternate sessions learning a basic recipe. The following week, they bring their own additions to the recipe and create a dish. The children then taste and evaluate each other’s creations before taking their dishes home to share with the family.

At the end of the summer term, the children made ice-creams for the whole school using fresh strawberries and fruit from the garden. This term the children have made cottage pies, using vegetables form the school garden and fruit crumbles using hand-picked fruit.





Children create their own quiche

Children create their own quiche



Beetroot Pancakes


Following recipes


Church Links, Art and Design

We are very keen to strengthen the links we have with the parishes we serve. Lead by Mrs Child, the children create pieces of art work to display in each of the parish churches. So far, the children have made a terracotta nativity scene, a Naoh’s Ark mobile, pastel portraits, scarecrows for the Rushbury Flower Festival, a large tile collage, A collage about St Andrew and Christian symbols.

The children are proud of their achievements and it is wonderful to see the work on display in the local churches.

Children created a collage showing things that symbolize the life of  St Peter. The work will be displayed in St Peter’s church.



St Andrew, Hope BowdlerDSCN0048


St James' Cardington

St James’ Cardington


Researching the origin of Christmas Carols for St Peter's Church

Researching the origin of Christmas Carols for St Peter’s Church

Collage for St Edith’s


collage cut





Art and Design

 With Mrs Child the children study the work of artists and create their own work in a similar style.



Working with Mrs Momcilovic, the children have been given a whole school design challenge. They will research the significant events in the life of our longest reigning monarch and create clay tiles to celebrate Elizabeth II’s reign. Once the tiles have been fired they will be put together to create a large outdoor commemorative mosaic.


 Computer Programming

Animating Poems

Working with Mrs Gravestock the children have been creating animations and programming games based on the Greek myths.

This term, working with Mrs Smith, the children will use Scratch to program games for other children to play.


Children learn to use program software such as Scratch. They create animations and games. This term the children have been designing musical instruments using a ‘MakeyMakey’.




Computer programming

Computer programming


Healthy Eating – Respect Yourself

Children learn about a balanced diet, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They learn about the body and how to look after it.

Nutritious drinks technology project


A balanced dietP1090675P1090318

Learning to knit


Led by Mrs Jo Taylor, the children design and make an item related to class themes. Children and teachers discuss ideas and decide on projects which have included: a Saxon bookmark,  creating their own P.E. bags and learning to use a sewing machine, a school visits money bag and embroidered samples.




Designing purses for school visits.

Designing purses for school visits.


Summer 2017 Activities