September saw the return of the children to school after their summer break. It is lovely to see all the children happy and eager to learn.

We are delighted to welcome Kate Reeves. Kate is a new full-time teacher who has taken on Mrs Pye’s class. We now have a non-class based headteacher. This is an exciting expansion and new development for the school.

Shrewsbury Flower Show Garden


Well done to Sam Carter and the children who once again designed and created an excellent show garden for the Shrewsbury Flower Show and received a Highly Commended for their efforts. This year’s theme was ‘New Horizons’.

Tom and Annie , nine and six, spent the eve of the show building up the Rushbury school garden which included a wormery, a pond, a hedgehog hotel and a mural of the Shropshire hills made from plastic bottle tops that pupils had been collecting for the past six months. The garden reflected the work on plastics and pollution that children at school have been working on during the school year.

This term we were quick to invite our ‘Magical Mathematician’ back to school. One of several after-school clubs, Magical Maths is very popular with all of our children.

Projects in the first week included our work towards ECO flag status, starting with creating healthy snacks. Other activities included: model making with our new reception children and Keith Haring art work in preparation for our visit to the Liverpool Tate later in the term.

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