Spring Term 2017

Eatser Service

An end of term performance by a group of enthusiastic children who have been rehearsing in their break times. We all gather to watch.

Easter Egg decorating competition

Easter Egg Hunt

Year 5 and 6 Shakespeare Workshop at the Wightman Theatre, Shrewsbury

Open The Book – Easter Story

Thank you to everyone who came to our curriculum open evening

Learning how to make a survival fire and light it with a fire steel

Friday  afternoon activities – knitting projects. A vest for the guinea pig

Making chocolate brownies – Comic Relief

Checking the wormery

Managing the compost ready for the summer

Creating the Parthenon – Athens

Knitting in our Red Noses – Comic Relief day

Working on our Greek animations – Friday afternoon activities

Making paper flowers for Mothering Sunday

Class 2 leading assemblies

Spanish shopping

Celebrating World Book Day

Wrekin College Year 5 Maths Challenge

Making Greek Pots

Measurement Challenge

Individual keyboard tuition with Mrs Beynon

Well done to the weather station committee who organised a non-uniform day and a cake sale to raise funds for a weather balloon and accessories.

Class 3 perform shadow plays of the Greek myths

Class 2 perform Greek Myths

Key Stage 2 children get a rare opportunity to see a plaster cast of a section of the Elgin Marbles. Also known as the ‘Parthenon Marbles’, the sculpture was removed from the Parthenon in 1805 by Lord Elgin.

Class 1 visit Blists Hill

Investigating Light

Knitting mobile phone cases

Knitting bookmarks

Sal Tonge, story-teller, explores Greek Myths with the Key Stage 2 children.

Creating Greek Gods

Sharing our stories for the BBC Radio Two  500 words competition

Perfecting our filtration devices

Fun at after school club

Class 3 create the Greek GodsKey Stage 2 design challenge – knittingTidying up the vegetable garden

Year 5 and 6 learn about filtration in Forest School

Class 2 learn about the skeleton

Class 3 debate: Athens or Sparta

Animating Greek Myths

Christingle service at St Peter’s Church

Key Stage 2 Assemblies

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