Autumn Term 2016

Year 6 lead our Christmas service at St Peter’s Church


A very special visitor

p1110504p1110522p1110524Fun and games at the end of term

p1110493p1110497p1110552Class 1 watches our Roman Army re-enactmentp1110424p1110430p1110445p1110455Sunday carol service at St Peter’s Churchp1110405p1110407p1110399‘A Present for the Baby’

Our Nativity at

Rushbury Village Hallp1110379p1110356p1110307p1110378p1110382p1110287p1110343p1110351p1110275Preparing for Christmas Lunch

p1110248Christmas Lunch

p1110249p1110247p1110254p1110253p1110261p1110257Lots of fun at the Christmas Fayrep1110220p1110213p1110217p1110219p1110225p1110226p1110229p1110230p1110231Winter Sports with Mr Wellingsp1110234p1110235Finding out about ice in Forest Schoolimg_0836img_0832Key Stage 2 children make some amazing Roman hypocausts
p1110211p1110209How long does it take for the blood to move around your body?p1110183p1110180ECO Committee continue to help the school with Mrs Stokes-Smithp1110157Learning about ‘The Great Fire of London’, Class 1 burn their models!img_0780p1110179img_0783We had lots of fun of fun on Spotty Day, raising money for children in Needp1110176p1110172Well done to the Key Stage 2 children who continue to present excellent assemblies.p1110055p1110162The children had great fun taking part in this year’s conker competition.p1110069 p1110070 p1110071 Scary stories in the darkp1110077 p1110079 Aqueduct work continuesp1110093 Knitted gifts completedp1110104Gathering the leavesp1110099p1110093Designing Roman shieldsp1110046p1110047NSPCC assembly and workshopp1110066Exploring porous materialsp1110065Key Stage Two lead assemblies on the theme of ‘Magical Musical Instruments’p1110053p1110052p1110056Class 1 visit to the orchardimg_0301img_0312Class 1 work with applesimg_0334img_0368Class 1 visit to Tescoimg_0387dsc00270

Open The Book Assemblyp1110044Delicious Roman cheesecakesp1110051

Fun at playtimep1110028Stories from Sal Tonge in Class 1


Key Stage 2 visit to Wroxeter Roman Townimg_0508dsc01821dsc01823dsc01825Scraping ourselves clean.dsc01830Hypocaustsdsc01832dsc01838

Cleaning the tunnels


Trying to make it back before they light the furnacedsc01845Lighting the furnace

img_04491img_04471img_0456img_0500img_0505What a fantastic harvest!dsc01807Key Stage 2 children learn to knitp1100937p1100936Making Roman meatballs p1100934Harvest walk to Eatonp1100888p1100889p1100891p1100894Arriving at St Edith’s churchp1100897Bell ringing with Mr Clementsp1100899p1100902Children leading the servicep1100905p1100906p1100912p1100918Conker gathering after the servicep1100926p1100930Key Stage 2 children invent their own fresh fruit drinks and design labels for the bottle.p1100883p1100881p1100880p1100878School hedgehog rescue – found in the school gardenp1100864Key Stage 2 children organize fun, games and stalls for the Harvest fundraiser. This year we raised money for Shelter. p1100809p1100806p1100852p1100854p1100855p1100826p1100847p1100843p1100837p1100846p1100830p1100820p1100822p1100815p1100813p1100860p1100857p1100851p1100798p1100801p1100799p1100840Harvesting produce for the school shop
p1100802p1100804Congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 netball team. 2nd place in the inter-school netball championships at Church Stretton.p1100783p1100785p1100789p1100794p1100791Well done, 4th place in the Inter-school football championships at Church Stretton

p1100793p1100777p1100786Taking part in Millichope

inter-school cross countryimg_1093img_1045img_1053img_1066img_1078img_1081img_1082Well done to the children who took part in the Wrekin College Year 6 Mathematics Challenge

img_03841img_03931img_03981img_03951Creating Animations


Harvesting our produce


Exploring the work of artists


All of us made apples for the Attingham Park Apple Festival

Thank you to Attingham for the free entry tickets


Spanish Games


Mrs Wilson tells us about the chocolate farm in Nicaraguap1100736p1100729

Tasting cocoa from the beansp1100731

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