Summer Term 2016

End of Term Forest School Treat

P1100589P1100595Transition Day Challenge

Marble RunP1100625 P1100626 P1100627

Year 6 Leavers’ Service

St Peter’s Church

P1100629P1100681P1100682P1100683P1100705 P1100709 P1100718 P1100720Songs and Sketches from The Wizard of Oz

home 1FamilyDorothyDorothy & GalindaGood witchWitch is deadM'kins plusPitchMunchkinsha ha haBoth waysIf I only ._apple treeTin manruffLionWe're offem city 2emerald cityfainting lionwitch and apesOff to see_more monkeysnasty daggersladsthe dreaded waterthe wiz will see you._little wizwizardgeneral 1home 2whole castwhole cast 2lads singing

Preparations for The Wizard of Oz


E-safety presentation from West Mercia Police


Rushbury School Fun Night

P1100553 P1100550 P1100554 P1100558 P1100549 P1100548

Children visit Ludlow Plant Centre in preparation for the Shrewsbury Flower Show. The plant centre will be sponsoring our garden.



Britain in Bloom judges visited us on Friday 8 July. They took photos of the many things the children were involved in, including ice cream making, composting and preparing for the flower show.

IMG_2045 IMG_2051 IMG_2059

Well done to all of the Class 3 children who presented their homework projects about shells.

Here is a sample of their work.P1100328P1100323P1100337P1100321P1100316P1100314P1100284P1100280Thank you to Worcester University students, Miss Phillips and Miss Coleshill who have worked with classes 1 and 3 for the last eight weeks. P1100340P1100342Farewell to Mrs Thorpe, from all of us.P1100252Year 6 children enjoyed a performance

by Loudmouth productions as part of their relationships education.P1100346P1100345Congratulations to Caradoc House who won this year’s sports day.DSC01691DSC01695

Well done to all of the children who took part in this year’s sports day. Thank you to everyone who came to watch. The sun shone and we had lots of fun.

P1100246 P1100242 P1100231 P1100226 P1100221 P1100211 P1100213 P1100209 P1100205 P1100202 P1100183 P1100171 P1100158

A special gift from the children and parents to Mrs ThorpeDSC01697Key Stage 2 Forest School Activities

How waterproof is your shelter?DSC01686DSC01666DSC01671DSC01670DSC01672DSC01674DSC01678DSC01682DSC01685DSC01680Class 1 prepares for the summer concertDSC01657DSC01654DSC01661Class 1, Forest School ActivitiesDSC01622DSC01620Key Stage 2 residential visit to AngleseyP1090862 P1090867 P1090875 P1090885 P1090887 P1090890 P1090894 P1090895 P1090896 P1090899 P1090901 P1090902 P1090903 P1090904 P1090919 P1090920 P1090922 P1090923 P1090924 P1090925 P1090926 P1090928 P1090930 P1090932 P1090933 P1090934 P1090935 P1090936 P1090937 P1090938 P1090944 P1090945 P1090950 P1090955 P1090957 P1090964 P1090970 P1090976 P1090977 P1090978 P1090983 P1090989 P1090990 P1090992 P1090994 P1090996 P1100001 P1100002 P1100003 P1100004 P1100008Rushbury CE Primary School would like to wish Her Majesty The Queen a Happy 90th Birthday

Celebrating The Queen’s 90th Birthday

Thank you to Mrs Blackwell who organised the maypole dancing.

Thank you to our chefs from Shropshire Country Weddings and Events who put on a wonderful barbecue.

P1090809 P1090812 P1090813

Portrait Painting CompetitionP1090816 P1090817 P1090819 P1090823 P1090833 P1090841 P1090846 P1090848 P1090850

Well done. Winners of The Queen’s portrait competitionP1090860


ECO Committee members put out mats for our bug research


Wearing It Wild

Following a request from Class 1, Rushbury School Council organised a ‘Wear It Wild’ day to raise money for endangered animals. Children presented their ‘Protect Our Wildlife’ animations in assembly, set up stalls, organised treasure hunts and dressed up.

Well done to everyone. We raised £73.87 for the

World Wildlife Fund.

P1090743 P1090748 P1090760 P1090765 P1090772 P1090781 P1090784 P1090787 P1090788 P1090790 P1090791 P1090793 P1090795 P1090796

Year 5 and 6 orienteering at Cardingmill ValleyP1090722P1090707P1090712

School council introduce the two minute challengeP1090685

‘We are what we eat’

Friday afternoon activitiesP1090676P1090675P1090682

Planting vegetablesP1090669

Monet creationsP1090668

Class 1 working togetherP1090661

Making lemon drizzle cakeP1090660P1090657P1090656

A nail-biting finish as we watch our car compete in the Jaguar Maths Challenge semi-final


Class 1 visit Chester ZooDSC01489 - Copy

Healthy recipes for Friday afternoons

Using garlic from the school vegetable garden



Story Teller, Sal Tonge entertains the Key Stage 2 children

P1090610 P1090612 P1090605

Congratulations to the Year 5 and 6 children for their fantastic achievements at the Shrewsbury Bookfest 2016

Congratulations to both girls – prize winners in the book trailer competition for their chilling video of Stonebird by Mike Revell (see school videos).








Congratulations to both girls who gained ‘School Winner’ and ‘Bookfest overall runner up’  for their book illustrations.





Winning art work displayed in the entrance to Shrewsbury Museum


Extreme reading on the big screen.





Bookfest winner 2016 – author Jane Elson, ‘How to Fly with Broken Wings’.


Jane Elson’s inspiration for her novel.




Year 4 STEM Day at Church Stretton Secondary School


Filtering – a look at the river bank


The Church Stretton warden comes in to thank us for our posters. We will be making more for the National Trust.


Class 2 show us their river models


Forest School Activities


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