Heart of England in Bloom Gold Award


 Rushbury CE Primary School, Church Stretton – Shropshire Gold Award

Pupils and staff at Rushbury CE Primary School were delighted to be awarded the England in Bloom Gold Award. Mr Stan Sedman joined the children for a celebration assembly on Friday 19 September in order to present everyone with a framed certificate.

 Judge Stan Sedman commented:

A village school whose entrance is right on the side of the road, however they have made sure there is colour. One most impressive thing is that they have adopted the listed telephone box outside and are maintaining it. At the rear are extensive grounds which are being utilised to their full potential in supporting the curriculum. An un-required part of the sports field has been left to develop into a hay meadow and even in its early days native wildflowers are appearing amidst the grass and clover with butterflies in abundance. The Judge was particularly impressed by:

Ø Along the bottom of the field is an area of mature woodland which has been developed into the most impressive wildlife area and superb Forest School facility for learning, pleasure and to stimulate the imagination

Ø A volunteer runs the Garden Club and although the garden is small this is most productive with good quality produce

Ø A wormery and compost bins are alongside and the children understood how they work and their use

Ø Because the School holds all activities on a Friday afternoon there is plenty of interchange and on the visit children were collecting produce for the kitchen use and raspberry ice cream was being made for all to enjoy

Ø The weather station, run by the children, provides information for the local parish magazine.

 Already this term the children have been busy…

Harvesting the beetroot to make beetroot pancakes

Harvesting the beetroot to make beetroot pancakes



Using and making compasses

Using and making compasses

Key Stage 2: using and making compasses

Key Stage 2: using and making compasses





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